Humanity must live in accord with the laws and limits of natural world.

V20 will encourage nature-friendly policy making, starting from ensure ecosystem health and nature conservation, resource use and waste management and etc.


V20 will push the policy making to produce robust, viable economy that is fair, inclusive and meets the needs of all and economy that learns how to operate in accord with the laws and limits of nature.

Economy include the operations that convert nature’s resources into food, shelter, technologies, industries, services, money and jobs.


The focus of V20 policy making is the fulfillment of quality of life, furthermore of people’s individual health (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual), meaningful relationship, and happiness.


The policy recommended by V20 will focus to achieve the collective wellbeing. 

Society include the organizations, cultures, norms, and social conditions that make up people’s collective life as human beings (ex: safe neighborhoods, diverse & welcoming local community, justice, equity, inclusion for all) meaningful relationship, and happiness.